PS/2 Parallel Port/Paddle Problem
Sat, 14 Dec 1996 20:03:29 -0800

I have a PS/2 model P70 and am a new user of the pgm.  I have
already emailed Tree on the paddle port apparently locking up
the computer and he is totally aware of the problem.  This evening
I thought I would play around with it some more and discovered 
something.  Maybe this is not new news but if it is, perhaps it
could help Tree solve the problem.    What I found was that with the
paddle assigned to lpt1 and after exiting the pgm only the screen is
kaput.  I was able to press F1 and the computer cq'ed, I went to S&P
and after pressing F1 my call was sent.  Also, the paddle still
worked, all that was apparently wrong was that the screen was blank!
If this is new news, perhaps other PS/2 users could check this out
and report to Tree.....Maybe he can figure this out for us.  I would 
hate to have to buy another computer for contesting!

Wayne  AJ5M

P.S.  Tree, I live in Austin and not too far from George...So if
you need me for any beta testing....I'm available.