Fading Memory - Help Needed

Pete Smith n4zr@contesting.com
Sun, 15 Dec 1996 22:27:50 -0800

I ran Tree's routine in POST to update all the vanity calls - nice to know
that the old one is retained on OLDCALL.  Now, the question - any way to
display the old call without having it turn up in the exchange?  Too many
Bobs and Dicks out there, and I need something to prompt me to remember
anecdotes and other associations.  The call's there, but I can't figure out
how to display it!

Also, did I screw up, or was the first call in the gatetwo.txt file WA0AA,
when iut should have been W0AA?  The first time I ran the routine it hung on
that entry.  After I edited it, it ran fine.

73, Pete Smith N4ZR
West (bigawd) Virginia