New VHF MASTER.DTA available

Edward S Parsons +1 508 960 6722
4 Jun 96 16:56:00 -0400

A new master.dta file has been compiled for the June 1996 contest.
Input was 56 BIN files from VHF contests over the period 1992-Jan 1996
as well as QST results from the same period.  Criterion for callsigns making
the DTA file was 6 or more appearances.  The DTA file contains 
2141 "good" callsigns of VHF contesters.

Thanks to AA4S, AA9D, K3UA, K9PW, W2SZ, W3EP/4, W3ZZ, W0UC, K0GU, WA5IYX,
WZ1V, K3MQH, KP4XS & K1TR for their bin files.

The file (MASVHF.ZIP) is available via FTP transfer in directory 
/ftp/software/ct at

Or it may be transferred via modem by calling WZ1V's BBS 
(860)-768-4758 and downloading filename CTMASTER.ZIP.
CTMASTER.ZIP is also available via web page under VHF Software essentials.

(Tnx AD1C and WZ1V!)

The new file will also be available from the CT-BBS in the future, but not
in time for the contest this weekend.

73, Ed, K1TR
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