Duping your VHF log

LarryX Tyree LarryX_Tyree@ccm.ssd.intel.com
Wed, 12 Jun 96 14:31:00 PDT

     It looks like we are close to releasing a new version of POST which 
     will be smart enough to handle rovers when checking a log for dupes.  
     The change required was actually very simple.  Internal to the 
     program, the callsign will be converted from /R to /GRID (ie: WB5VZL/R 
     becomes WB5VZL/EM34).  Then the normal duping procedure works.
     The calls still appears as /R in the log.
     This is being tested and I want to make sure summary sheets work too 
     before releasing it.  Just wanted everyone to know a solution was