TR Log version 5.72

LarryX Tyree contractor for brentc
Mon, 17 Jun 96 14:32:14 PDT

Version 5.72 has been mailed to the update list.  It will be on the BBS
later tonight.

Changes are as follows:

Version 5.72 (5.71 was an internal release) - on 17 June 1996

 - Added PTT TURN ON DELAY parameter - default = 15 * 1.7 ms.
 - Fixed bands above 2304 not showing up in summary sheet.
 - Fixed secondse -> seconds in auto cq.
 - Grid Map implemented.  Enable by setting HOME GRID to desired center.
 - Added FIELD DAY to simulator.
 - Made AUTO DUPE ENABLE = FALSE for VHF contests.
 - Fixed non /R calls in VHF not being flagged as dupes.
 - If no I/O COM3 or COM4 address in ROM table, use 3E8 & 2E8 (a la COM34).

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