5.70 in the VHF test

Tim Totten, KJ4VH kj4vh@iglou.com
Wed, 12 Jun 1996 23:42:31 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 10 Jun 1996, george fremin iii wrote:

> The floppy save lock up - how much free memory do you
> have showing in the upper right of the TR screen?
> I had this problem in the vhf test and it was a memory
> problem or lack of - I dumped the names and it never 
> happened again. 

FWIW, I just fiddled with this, and it DOES appear to be memory-related. 
When I loaded my log, I noticed I only had 27 thousand bytes of free
memory.  In this case, whenever I tried an Alt-F floppy save, the system
locked up, and nothing was saved to disk. 

A little snooping around showed that for some reason my CONFIG.SYS was
reserving D000-DFFF (64 kb) with EMM386.  I found a help file from Compaq
that said this had something to do with making sure PCMCIA stuff worked,
but it suggested that perhaps less would work in some cases.  So I cut the
64 kb in half, giving something like 62 thousand bytes free memory after
loading my log.  With that much memory, the floppy save seems to work fine
every time.  Of course, this is with the names file loaded (I can go to
more than 150 kb free without names).

So apparently, at least in some cases, Alt-F freaks out with somewhere
between 27 and 62 thousand bytes of free memory.
Now for another question.  I can't seem to find the answer in the 5.70
manual or in the read.me files, though I know I've seen it documented
somewhere.  How do you set up a standard group of LOGCFG.DAT parameters
that become your personal default for every contest?  I know there's
another file that needs to be created to do this, but I can't remember
what it's supposed to be called!

Just downloaded the latest POST.  Thanks for the quick work, Tree!


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P.S.:  Awesome numbers on six, George.  I'm IMPRESSED!