Garbage in = Garbage Out
Thu, 30 May 1996 03:42:46 -0500 (EST)


The problem I had during the ARRL DX contest has surfaced again.  I was using
Version 5.61 and agin use the same version during the WPX contest.  I don't
know if this problem has been corrected in the newer versions. 

Here's how to get garbage out.

Set up "beacon" mode (ALT-Q, F1, 4 second repeat)

(The computer should now be looping on F1)

Press any key to stop ( I pressed A)

ALT-C (resumes loop, A is still in the callsign window)

Press any key to stop again (I pressed A)

There are now two A's in the Callsign Window.

Press backspace and watch the garbage flow in the callsign window.  Neat, eh?

Pressing the ESC key eventually clears things up again.

This did not appear to occur if there was only one letter in the callsign
window, but would occur if there were two.  No further experiments were
conducted.  It seemed more important at the time to make Q's at an amazing
rate of 6 per hour. 

The problem is not to awfully bad if everything else is functioning normally.  
In Hawaii I had RF into the computer.  The RFI was adding characters in the
callsign window.  I was backspacing to get rid of them and fell into the trap. 
 Got a lot of garbage in the callsign window and the mult window. 

BTW, I have duplicated this on 2 different machines a Bozo 286 and a semi Bozo 
486DX-66 laptop.  I don't know if the problem occurs in the newer versions. 
Haven't tried them yet. 

Jim N5CT