Region one field day - bad multi ?

Kurt Simon
Thu, 30 May 1996 08:40:16 -0700

Hi Larry,

for the coming weekend, we will be active for the Region one field day.

I have prepare the LOGDAT.CFG file for this test. 
The rules says for contact with fixed station outside EU (w/o .../P in Call) counts 
3 points, but TRlog count 4 points. all other counting is correct.

QSOs with EU      fixed Stns .....  2 pnts
     with non-EU  fixed Stns .....  3 pnts
     with EU      portable Stns ..  4 pnts
     with non-EU  portable stns ..  6 pnts

Do you have any idea for a quick correction ??

Another problem, may be my mistake, when i log a call i.e. DF5HH and after exchange
the qso is logged. Some times later, i hear the Call DF5HH is wrong and i do with ALT-E a 
correction to DF5HS. its all ok. now, i get the Call DF5HH (thats realy ok) and TR say
it's a DUPE! what is wrong??

i hope, you can understand me, because my english is simply.

vy 73 de Kurt, DF3HU , Hamburg