Garbage in = Garbage Out

Larry Tyree
Thu, 30 May 1996 08:54:33 -0700 (PDT)

Jim N5CT writes:

> The problem I had during the ARRL DX contest has surfaced again.  I was using
> Version 5.61 and agin use the same version during the WPX contest.  I don't
> know if this problem has been corrected in the newer versions. 
> Here's how to get garbage out.
> Set up "beacon" mode (ALT-Q, F1, 4 second repeat)
> (The computer should now be looping on F1)
> Press any key to stop ( I pressed A)
> ALT-C (resumes loop, A is still in the callsign window)
> Press any key to stop again (I pressed A)
> There are now two A's in the Callsign Window.
> Press backspace and watch the garbage flow in the callsign window.  Neat, eh?
> Pressing the ESC key eventually clears things up again.

I think I have found a bug that would cause this.  I need to reproduce
the problem at home tonight and then test the fix (this Pentium at 
work has too many network connections on it to run TR).

However, I would suggest using a different key than "A" to stop the
CQs.  Use the SPACE BAR or maybe ESCAPE.  The feature you are using
to get the A in the call window is intended to allow th operator to
start entering a call that responded to one of the CQs and have the
first letter of the call do two things: stop the CQs and put that
character in the call window.

Tree N6TR