Runtime Error 5

Dave Henderson, (Nawvemburr Zeeero Dawg House)
Mon, 14 Oct 1996 09:34:37 -0700

LarryX Tyree wrote:
>      WB5VZL reported a problem with the TRMASTER file update process - a
>      runtime error 5 when updating the history files.  I have been unable
>      to reproduce this problem following the same procedure George used.
>      If would like very much to hear feedback from others who are playing
>      with the TRMASTER file.


This is the same error that was reported in the past since the
introduction of the TRMASTER.DTA appraoch.

The error occurs only when attempting to update (ie write a new
TRMASTER.DTA) a file under WIN95. If you run POST in DOS mode in WIN95
then all is ok. The only problem with running in DOS mode is that you
cant "multitask". So far all the other POST activities seem to be
working OK under WIN95 althogh I havent tested them ALL.

The specific error reads like this: "Pushing back up files...Runtime
error 005 at 1462:2736." , and occurs when trying to save TRMASTER.DTA
after making changes.

Hope this helps
dit dit