SS is coming

Larry Tyree
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 06:14:15 -0800 (PST)

Well, I spent an hour or so last night trying to find something 
broken with the latest release and was unable to do so.  All of
the two radio features seemed to work.  

I did find one annoying thing, but I probably won't try to fix it
before the SS.  If you use Alt-K to turn off your CW, but have the
AUTO START SEND feature activated, then type in a callsign that 
would normally start sending CW, the program goes into a slightly
funny state.  You can hit RETURN and proceed without any problems,
but you can't hit the TAB key to go into the SEARCH and POUNCE

This probably isn't a big deal.  I was trying to explain the best
procedure to work a dupe if you need to (and have AUTO DUPE ENABLE 
CQ turned on).  If you need to, here is one way:

Press Alt-K and send the CW manually for this QSO.
Go into the S&P mode.  Type Control-R to retrieve the stations
callsign, then press Alt-Z or RETURN to get into the call window.
Type the exchange and hit RETURN.  Then escape back into the CQ
mode and press F1 to call CQ (that will over-ride the Alt-K).

If you enter the call first and then press TAB, you won't go into
the S&P mode if you had AUTO START SEND active...  


So far, nobody else has reported any problems with 5.86 except for
the slow part (which is an easy fix tonight).  I would like to hear
more testing results (positive or negative) today so I will know
if there is anything else to do.  Silence is scary!

73 Tree N6TR