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Tue, 29 Oct 1996 22:09:05 -0700

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My OMNI VI uses #38.  Since Ten-Tec says in the manual its interface was
designed to be compatible with the 735, maybe the 735 also uses #38.
Jim McDonald N7US
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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> Gene A. Williamson writes:
> >
> >Thanks for prompt shipment of TRLog 5.84, George. Do you happen to know 
> >the RECEIVER ADDRESS for an IC-735? Don't have a word about that in the 
> >manual, and am having trouble with rig interface (which works fine in CT 
> >and DXbase). Tree's suggesting rewiring the connection, but I want to be 
> >certain it's not something else -- like the data addressing -- that's 
> >causing the problem before I do that.
> >
> >TU!
> >73 Gene
> >Once and Forever K7dBV		genewill@ordata.com
> >
> No I dont - but lets ask the list here - maybe someone 
> has used one of these radios before.

I use TR with my Omni 6, which uses the same computer interface as the 735.
I didn't have to change RECEIVER ADDRESS, the default seems to work fine.
If you want I can look in the Omni manual and find out what the default is
(it's a software-changeable option in the Omni6, unlike the 735)

The Omni 6 does have a direct rs232 port, so I haven't messed with a
level-converter interface.

There's a subtle bug to watch out for (not sure if it is specific to just
the Omni 6, or is caused by TR).  Occaisionally on 40m, the radio will qsy 
without notice by +/- 100 khz. I'm just careful to always store my cq freq 
in the second vfo in case the interface bumps me out of band.


hopefully /5 NM this weekend if I can find some antennas to use...