Version 5.77 lock ups

Dave Henderson
Wed, 04 Sep 1996 05:12:09 -0700


I received my new copy of 5.77 via E-mail today and installed it with the 
following problem.

In the CQ mode I am unable to get the cursor to move down to the exchange 
window. Once it sends the other stations call it wont allow any further input 
from the keyboard. If I start in S&P mode it sends my call but then again 
refuses to go down to the exchnge window. depending on the operating system 
it either locks up in constant keydown or reboots the computer

I have tried running 5.77 on two different computers (486DX50 and a P133) and 
3 diferent operating systems (WIN95, DOS 7 and Dos 6.22) and the result are 
basically the same. Do I have a bum copy? 

dit dit