More 5.77 Idiosyncrasies

Dave Henderson, (Nawvemburr Zeeero Dawg House)
Wed, 04 Sep 1996 09:27:02 -0700

OK Guys

As always it pays to play with each new release BEFORE the contest!!!! (being for-warned is like 
having four arms!)

If you try running TRLog 5.77 under WIN95 expect some surprises. In my case the following were 

1) The program talks to the radio (TS850) ok but the radio doesnt always talk to the radio 
meaning that if you manually change bands the program may not follow, if you <ALT-V> or <ALT-B> 
the radio will QSY.

2) If you enter a call which is not in TRMASTER.DTA the radio goes into constant keydown mode a 
RUN TIME ERROR message flashes in the exchange window and then the program aborts. The radio 
stays locked up in a keydown mode until you power down the PC. Unfortunately Tree the program 
aborts so quickly that I cant read the run time error message number.

Neither of the above problems occurs when running in the MSDOS mode (under 6.22 or 7.0).
I'm still playing with the WIN95 "switches" to see if I can over come the problems from this end 
under WIN95.

The following problems are noted with POST:

1)<U> <F> doesnt work (as was pointed out earlier you can get there via <U> <E>.
2)<U> <E> <E> <S> doesnt appear to work.
3)Twice when exiting and writing a new TRMASTER.DTA I got run time errors (205?)(WIN95 related?).

As you say Tree WIN95 will probably drive us all crazy in the end! For now the program seems to 
be stable under DOS which is where I plan to run it on Saturday night, with a backup copy of 5.76 
sitting in the wings just in case !

dit dit