More 5.77

Larry Tyree
Wed, 4 Sep 1996 10:29:46 -0700 (PDT)

> 1) The program talks to the radio (TS850) ok but the radio doesnt always talk to the radio 
> meaning that if you manually change bands the program may not follow, if you <ALT-V> or <ALT-B> 
> the radio will QSY.
> 2) If you enter a call which is not in TRMASTER.DTA the radio goes into constant keydown mode a 
> RUN TIME ERROR message flashes in the exchange window and then the program aborts. The radio 
> stays locked up in a keydown mode until you power down the PC. Unfortunately Tree the program 
> aborts so quickly that I cant read the run time error message number.
> Neither of the above problems occurs when running in the MSDOS mode (under 6.22 or 7.0).
> I'm still playing with the WIN95 "switches" to see if I can over come the problems from this end 
> under WIN95.

Great.  WB5VZL has done some work with WIN-95 and might be able to help.  I
am totally clueless when it comes to WIN-95 and I plan to stay that way
for at least another year.

> The following problems are noted with POST:
> 1)<U> <F> doesnt work (as was pointed out earlier you can get there via <U> 
> <E>.

This shouldn't be on the menu.  Everything you need is in U E.

> 2)<U> <E> <E> <S> doesnt appear to work.

Right, the sort routine is still in development.

> 3)Twice when exiting and writing a new TRMASTER.DTA I got run time 
> errors (205?)(WIN95 related?). 

Maybe, maybe not.  Can you send me more info and maybe the data you
were working with?

>         You've probably had a number of these but just in case...
> I downloaded ver5.77 on Sept 3 from the BBS. I get "Runtime error 103" code
> at addresses 0000:b9b8 and 0000:c555. There was another address but I 
> neglected 
> to jot it down. Seems to occur in CQ mode if I hit return to add exchange or
> if I hit escape in the S&P mode.

Actually no, I haven't seen any reports of this.  Those addresses aren't 
going to help as they are down in the system area.  Tell me more about 
your configuration.