New version delays

Larry Tyree
Fri, 6 Sep 1996 06:41:48 -0700 (PDT)

Sorry for the delay.  I forgot to bring home one of the new files
from work so I couldn't make a new version.  Also, George has been
finding a few things for me to fix anyway, so it will probably be
worth waiting an extra day.

I am planning on using the new version in the Sprint (such confidence).

Concerning the memory available display.  It will be normal for this
to drop significantly when you make your first QSO.  Although the
next version won't drop quite as much.  Whenever you access the .DTA
file, a buffer is allocated that stores the last "cell" of callsigns
accessed.  These are kept in memory in case the next callsign you
need data for is in that same cell.  The buffer takes up about 20K,
and the index file that is used to determine where each cell starts
and stops in the file is also kept in memory (another 5K).  Also,
with your first QSO, the partial call/initial exchange memory sets
itself up, which hogs another 15K (or so, this one I forget the
exact number).  Then when your call scrolls up off the top of the
editable window, the dupesheet kicks in (another few K).

If you stay on the same band/mode.  You should find the memory doesn't
change until about QSO number 200.  Even at its worst, the new versions
should be about 70K ahead of previous TR versions on memory used.

73 Tree