Log conversion utility

george fremin iii geoiii@bga.com
Fri, 6 Sep 1996 15:47:28 -0500 (CDT)


I know that I sent several of you an early version of 
a log conversion utility that Robert KA5WSS wrote.
Robert has improved and expanded this utility and I thought
that many of you would find it very useful - I know that
I have found it to be GREAT.  I will attempt to get it
on a web page or FTP site soon - you should also be able
to find it on the TR-Log bbs.

If you would like a copy via UUENCODED email send me a note.

Here are the release notes.

        Log File Conversion Routines by KA5WSS
                    September 3, 1996

The routines in this package can be used to convert CT
files to other log formats.  DOS version 5.0 or later
is expected for the DOS routines and the Windows
routine should run on Windows 3.1/95/NT.  Windows 3.1
users should have Win32s v1.3 or later installed.

The included files are:

bin2dat.exe:  Converts CT v7 .bin files to .dat files (DOS)
8bin2dat.exe: Converts CT v8 .bin files to .dat files (DOS)
8bin2db.exe:  Converts CT v8 .bin files to dBase files (DOS)
dat2db.exe:   Converts TR .dat files to dBase files (DOS)
log2dat.exe:  Converts WRC .log files to .dat files (DOS)
logconv.exe:  Converts to and from a variety of file
              formats (see below).  (Windows)
matrix.txt:   Shows supported contests for each log format.
readme.txt:   This file

The Windows utility logconv.exe currently supports the
following file formats:
     File read:  CT v7, CT v8, CT v9, TR Log, WRTC .log
     File write: CT v8, dBase, TR Log
See the file matrix.txt to determine the supported log
and contest types that are supported for input and output.

Note that these utilities do not score the contest.  The
resulting files contain no QSO points or multiplier field
information.  Currently this only affects TR .dat output

To add QSO point and multiplier information to a TR .dat
log start TR log using the following command:
       TR READ (file name)
This command will load the .dat file and rescore the contest.
However you will have to edit a logcfg.dat file for the
appropriate contest that also includes the entries:

Converting WAE logs will usually not retain QTC information.

These conversion routines open the input .bin files read only.
However you should always save backup copies of your original
log files in case an error occurs.  Also some log formats do
not record as much QSO information as others.  So, ALWAYS keep
your original log files!

These routines will not write over an existing file.  You must
delete a log file if you wish to run the conversion program
again to generate a file with the same name.

The software in this distribution are released as shareware.  If
you find the routines useful please register by sending your
name,  callsign,  mailing address, email address and donation
($5 for example) to the address below.  With this money I hope
to purchase some development tools so that I can add support for
more file formats,  contests and even create new utility programs.

You may distribute this package to anyone,  provided that all
files,  including this readme file are included.  Given the nature
of the FCC rules governing Amateur Radio,  these programs should
NOT be distributed via Amateur Radio based networks.


Robert Barron, KA5WSS
P.O. Box 180703
Austin, TX 78718-0703

email: barron@liant.com

              Log types supported by Logconv

This matrix shows the combinations of input (I) and output (O)
logs that are possible with Logconv.  More log types may be
possible with CT v9 format files.  I just don't have the
needed test files to confirm this.

Contest       CT v7 CT v8 CT v9 TR Log WRTC dBase
-------       ----- ----- ----- ------ ---- -----
ARRL SS        I     I/O         I/O          O
ARRL DX        I     I/O         I/O          O
CQ WW          I     I/O         I/O          O
CQ WPX         I     I/O         I/O          O
IARU                 I/O   I     I/O    I     O
ARRL 10M       I     I/O         I/O          O
ARRL 160M      I     I/O         I/O          O
CQ 160M        I     I/O         I/O          O
Field Day      I     I/O         I/O          O
Cal QSO Party        I/O         I/O          O
ARRL DX DX     I     I/O         I/O          O
WAE            I     I/O         I/O          O
ARRL VHF QSO   I     I/O         I/O          O
DX Pedition    I     I/O         I/O          O
All Asian            I/O         I/O          O
NA QSO Party                     I/O          O
GridLoc                          I/O          O
YO DX Contest                    I/O          O
KCJ Contest                      I/O          O
Ten-Ten                          I/O          O


George Fremin III
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