IMO POST needs a change

R. Torsten Clay
Sun, 8 Sep 96 13:01:26 CDT

> One little thing that bothers me about using TRLog is POST contest
> processing.  The ONLY thing that bothers me about it is that it doesn't
> group the contest files it creates by name.  A better solution is when POST
> runs to ask the user to enter a file prefix name.  (Example:  NASP896)  Then
> when I run through all of the POST contest log processing it saves all of
> the files to this name prefix if saving to disk.

Yes! It would also make it harder to accidentally overwrite files. I also
think that using a different file name for each contest (ie not LOG.DAT) 
would be better. In the past I've lost an entire log because I accidentally
overwrote it with another LOG.DAT file. 

How about this- give the program an optional command-line argument for a
file name (.DAT assumed?). If nothing is given, it uses LOG.DAT by default.