POST needs a change

Dave Henderson
Sun, 08 Sep 1996 14:53:03 -0700

Bill Fisher, KM9P wrote:
> when I run through all of the POST contest log processing it saves all of
> the files to this name prefix if saving to disk.
> Example:
> *.BRK           Breakdown
> *.SUM           Summary sheet
> *.ARL           ARRL Format
> *.PRN           Printable log format
> *.BCI           Band Change Info
> *.DUP           Dupe sheet
> In this way the program does a nice clean job of organizing my files for me.
> When I want to find breakdown sheets for all the sprints I've ever done I
> dont have to remember what format I was trying to maintain.  The program
> does it for me.  I just search for *.BRK and I find them.
> Tree

Sounds like a good idea to me

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