Sprint with v 5.80

Jim Stevens ki4hn@nando.net
Sun, 15 Sep 1996 23:51:10 -0400

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>Date: Sun, 15 Sep 1996 17:01:58 -0600
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>From: Tony and Celia Becker <becker@shell.portal.com>
>Subject: Sprint with v 5.80
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>Lastly, as you have noted the POST menu titles for editing the TRMASTER
database should be made more intuitive.  I suggest that the verb EXPORT
should be changed to IMPORT, since we are importing the data from A
(indefinite article) log to THE (definite article) database.

Amen!  Very confusing the first time that I used the 'Export' function.  I
knew that Intel used reverse logic :-;).

73, Jim, KI4HN
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