Sprint with v 5.80

Larry Tyree tree@lady.axian.com
Tue, 17 Sep 1996 06:50:04 -0700 (PDT)

> 5.80 DISPLAYS:
>         K4VX
>    _MO MARK 16
> <CR>
> 5.80 LOGS:
>  CALL    #  NAME QTH
>  K4VX    16  Mo  Ma

Yes.  It does.  It is very hard for the program to tell the difference
between names and QTHs.  Because of this, they have to appear in 
specific order.  The serial number can be anywhere because it is 
easy to pull out (all numbers).  I hope K1ZX doesn't get on with
the name 2001 someday.

Since it is possible for the program to pull just a name from the name
database, the first non numeric entry must always be the name.  This
makes sense because it is almost always sent before the QTH during
the exchange.  

You will have to edit the data so that the name is before the QTH.

BTW, when I tried your keystrokes I could only make one DELETE work.
Not sure why, but I will check it out.
> 2.  I tried to make it fail again on this one too: 
> > CALL        #  NAME QTH
> > K9VV/C6A    46  RUM Oh  C6
> >                     ^
> > --------------------|
> But I couldn't reproduce the problem.  This must have been a 
> singularly weird bunch of keystrokes.  I'll try again tomorrow.  

Probably something similar to the first case, where there was something
in the exchange window that confused the program.  If you type 
46 RUM C6, or just 46 RUM, it should work all of the time.

> Maybe I had more memory used up in TSRs during the contest.  What does 
> TR dump first when memory gets short?  

It no longer dumps anything.  Well, if it is short on memory, it might
stop pulling in information from the name database.  5.80 has gone
on a pretty good memory diet, so if TR has worked before, you should 
have plenty of room.

73 Tree