FT990 and Radio Control part duex

Lonberg, Hank hlonberg@hgi-pdx.usa.com
Tue, 17 Sep 96 7:43:46 -0800

     Hi again:
     I've solved my radio control problem with the help of N6TR, Steve 
     Merchant, and Tony and Celia Becker. Actually the final solution was 
     the old farmer fix. I hit the Yaesu interface box  and  low and behold 
     the thing worked. Seems like I need to twist the cable from the box to 
     the rig and the CAT System light on the rig comes on blinking 
     indicating everything is ok with the world. I'm a little bit p**d
     off at Yaesu for such an expensive box with this kind of problem.
     Has anyone tried the JBI serial control cable that uses no external 
     power as I plan on using the FT990 on some expeditions. Also has 
     anyone tried to use the max parallel port interface with the full meal 
     deal of cw,paddle,dvk and band output. If so was it a commercially 
     available item as my soldering skills resemble a heated 2 pound mall 
     and a D-9 cat.
     Thanks again to Tree, Steve, Tony and Celia for the help
     CUL es 73  KI7YO / Hank