names and 5.80

Larry Tyree
Tue, 17 Sep 1996 10:22:41 -0700 (PDT)

Enter a call and press the SPACE BAR - does the name show up then?

The POSSIBLE CALL MODE = NAMES is a separate function.  Possible calls
are shown after you hit RETURN at the bottom of the screen.  They are
calls in the database which are similar to the call you are working.  This
data used to come from the name database and thus I made the POSSIBLE CALL 
MODE parameter so you could make it work like it use to (only calls that you
know the name of are show).  Or you can set it to ALL and view all possible
calls in the TRMASTER.DTA database.

The partial calls shown in the bigger window (if you have SCP MINIMUM LETTERS
set to something other than zero) also come from the .DTA database, but may
be slightly different than the possible calls.

For example, pretend the call JR8ABC is in your .DTA file.  If you type JA8ABD
and then RETURN, you will not see JR8ABC in your partial call listing, but it
will appear in the possible call list.

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