names and 5.80

Ronald D Rossi
Tue, 17 Sep 1996 13:52:39 -0400

>>>Larry Tyree said:
> Enter a call and press the SPACE BAR - does the name show up then?


> The POSSIBLE CALL MODE = NAMES is a separate function.  Possible calls
> are shown after you hit RETURN at the bottom of the screen.  They are
> calls in the database which are similar to the call you are working.  This
> data used to come from the name database and thus I made the POSSIBLE CALL 
> MODE parameter so you could make it work like it use to (only calls that you
> know the name of are show).  Or you can set it to ALL and view all possible
> calls in the TRMASTER.DTA database.

Okay I understand.  The bottom call line always says "no calls found" in 
either mode ALL or NAMES.

> The partial calls shown in the bigger window (if you have SCP MINIMUM LETTERS
> set to something other than zero) also come from the .DTA database, but may
> be slightly different than the possible calls.

This works, so I guess I have access to the TRMASTER.DTA in some form.

73 de N1PBT...ron ( <><