CT vs TR Summary

Michael Causey kk5ep@netdoor.com (Michael Causey)
Tue, 17 Sep 1996 21:23:46 -0500 (CDT)

Here is a summary of my responses to the CT vs TR question.  First, those
who favored TR were many in number. Their comments first:

1.  TR has a much better interface than CT, it(TR) also has a really neat CW
practice mode. (15 responses had essentially the same comment).
2.  While they both do the same thing as far as actual logging goes, TRs
seems much much smoother. 
3.  TRs presentation is much more visually pleasing, but CT allows one to
move the windows around.

4.  TR has great support.  Tree is great with his customers. TR has great
customer support. TR is more flexible and far better supported.  N6TR is
superb at fixing problems, he actually LIKES to fix problems associated with
the TR logging program.     (Many many more comments similar to these were

5.  This is the most "advanced program.  "Top op features". Makes
intelligent use of the keyboard.  Has a name database.  Has a custom contest

6.  TR is very difficult to learn.  It has no rotator support.  TR is
flexible but much more difficult to learn, and less intuitive.  TR is
unquestionably the superior two-radio program; all in all, if you are
willing to work hard at it, TR is better.  If you want a program  that is
very easy to use and intuitive, with less flexibility, CT is better.(Again,
many responses were similar to these).

7.  TR supports more contests.

8.  TR has a steep learning curve and should not be fired up the day before
      Don't assume you will be able to download the TR logging program and
be able to use it at once.  

9.  TR requires less keystrokes.  It is unbelievable!  In a contest like
sweepstakes this is really a timesaver.

10.  As a user of both CT and TR, I find TR *far superior* for CW
contesting.  The biggest difference for me is in TR, when you hear a call,
you don't have to do a "partial check" keystroke:  you enter the call, hit
the <RETURN> key, and if it is a new contact, the program will send your
call; if it is a dupe, your call will not be sent. Now THAT'S magic.  ( A
few comments to this effect).

11.  TR is a much better choice... Features:
        *  Supports two radios
        *  Band Mapping
        *  Keyboard CW and also able to have key sending(supports paddles)
        *  Number of contests covered

         Customer Service:

         *  Get updates through internet e-mail
         *  Quick response to bug fixes
         *  N6TR can be contacted easily through e-mail as can the distibutor 
         *  N6TR likes to work on the program
         *  Manual and updates to the manual are on the web
         *  TR is less expensive(!)

12.    TR sends "better sounding" CW

13.  N6TR takes more patience to set up, takes much more practice to become
        with, but will ultimately eliminate the need for several programs
while at the same
         time give you super flexibility.  My honest vote for you has to be
the N6TR

Those who preferred CT:

1.  One ham wrote:  What's TR?  Everyone around here uses CT and NA.  Tell
me about      TR.(From the 1st call area).

2.  TR is adored by techno-types, hot-shot CW ops and two radio specialists.
CT       seems  to be favored by the rest of us.

3.  My experience is that BOTH are required to fully cover most of the
contests.  I use      TR for Sprint, NAQP and CT for all others.  If you are
limited to just one, go with CT.

4.  Pluses for CT- Most popular contest package, easiest to get going
quickly, support
     for all major radios, Countries are kept up to date, operates very
smoothly, DVP
     voice processor support, supports 50 line VGA mode, supports networks
for multi-
      op, supports computer-controlled rotators, nice statistical reports,
mouse support
      for moving windows around, best support for MASTER.DTA callsign database,
      is the "standard" at multi-op stations, has "point and shoot" packet
support, nice
      band map.

5.  Minuses for CT- K1EA has very little time for support, does NOT support
CW      paddles, no custom contest mode, for CW some commonly used keys are
difficult to      reach, no support for NAQP and NA Sprint. Requires a 386
computer or better.

6.  CT has a nice interface and is easy to use.

7.  It is easy to go from CW to SSB in a mixed mode contest.

8.  The most well respected contester/DX-peditioner(IMO) prefers CT because:

     CT can...

     *let you go back and correct an error you made in the log six QSOs ago,
TRlog can't.

     * let you go back and *easily* correct an error you made in the log one
QSO ago,         TRlog can't.

      *  not tell the difference between S&P mode and CQ mode, therefore
when you           press F1, you always get the same message --  I consider
this to be a plus, 
          especially when I have been up for 45 hours.

       *  not send CW that sounds as nice as TRlog --  this is too bad.

       *  not handle as many different contests as TR-- not a big deal for
me because
           I do about 4 contests per year-- if I had my own station, I would
be on more.

I hope this has been illuminating and helpful for some of you, I know it has
helped me tremendously and has somewhat confused me also! 73, see ya'll in
the pileups
Mississippi Mike  KK5EP.