N1PBT .DTA "bug"

Larry Tyree tree@lady.axian.com
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 06:53:26 -0700 (PDT)

Concerning N1PBT's post about making the .DTA names not work.

WARNING!!  Many short hand abbreviations for POST commands follow.
If you are not familar with these, you will probably be totally 
confused by this instructions!  They denote the single letter commands
you would actually enter after starting the POST program.  For example,
to start up the .DTA editor, you would start POST, then hit U for the 
utility menu, then hit E for the .DTA editor.  This is abbreviated
as U E in the discussion below.

Ron - 

The process is a little confusing.  Ignore the U E B command and you
will have the right process  The U E B command is done automatically
at the end of the U E F N process AFTER the =N entries are in the

The file you make with U N F is just a file - the U E B command 
does not do anything with it.

There, that should clear that up (wow - I can't believe I really
understand all that).