Response time

Larry Tyree
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 14:02:57 -0700 (PDT)

This was received from S57AD.  It is really great news:

> TRMASTER.DTA works UFB. I imported calls from my old LOG.DAT files so
> the database contains now about 60.000 calls, and still program handles
> them without even any slighest delay. Tryed this even under large log
> file conds (old LOG.DAT files merged together) - even then there weren't
> any noticeable delay at all! All this with an old 386SX / 16 MHz computer
> (I do not have Pentium, HI)... Only noticed almost continuous access to
> HDD.

I am happy that this new version was able to add functionality but still
be efficient enough to allow use of the slower computers.  Has anyone 
tried a 286 with TR recently?  I was able to compile an 8080 version 
recently as well.  My 8080 and 286 are collecting dust in the attic these

5.81 manual sent to update list and put on the web at

Will get it on the BBS tonight.

73 Tree N?TR