Response time

R. Torsten Clay
Tue, 24 Sep 96 16:47:02 CDT

	I still don`t own anything faster than a 286 (my PS-2 286 is now
7 years old!) Response time is fine for any contest with less than about 
700-1000 q's. I do remember last year during SS that it was getting a little
slow (maybe .5 to 1 sec delay) between logging a qso and sending the next cq.
	If the response time got bad, I would use ctrl+enter while the other 
guy was still confirming the qso, instead of just enter at the end- that gave 
the program a little more time to catch up!


> This was received from S57AD.  It is really great news:
> > TRMASTER.DTA works UFB. I imported calls from my old LOG.DAT files so
> > the database contains now about 60.000 calls, and still program handles
> > them without even any slighest delay. Tryed this even under large log
> > file conds (old LOG.DAT files merged together) - even then there weren't
> > any noticeable delay at all! All this with an old 386SX / 16 MHz computer
> > (I do not have Pentium, HI)... Only noticed almost continuous access to
> > HDD.
> I am happy that this new version was able to add functionality but still
> be efficient enough to allow use of the slower computers.  Has anyone 
> tried a 286 with TR recently?  I was able to compile an 8080 version 
> recently as well.  My 8080 and 286 are collecting dust in the attic these
> days.
> 5.81 manual sent to update list and put on the web at 
> Will get it on the BBS tonight.
> 73 Tree N?TR