[TRLog] Bandmap

Barry Martz K8BK dx@traverse.com
Sun, 28 Dec 1997 13:37:48 -0500

Hi All:

Just moved my pentium into the shack and removed old 286!  TRlog is a 
totally NEW program on the pentium!  WOW!

I have one question (so far).  BANDMAP.  It says in the manual that 
you can QSY your radio to a logged station on the bandmap by pressing 
the control-end key.  My cursor doesn't seem to move down into the 
bandmap using either control key and my end key.  I have tried it in 
both search and pounce and cq modes, neither works.  Am I doing 
something wrong here?

Oh, one more thing, just a quick look through and didn't find a 
command for the logcfg file for adjusting time.  I know of the alt-t 
cmd but is there a line we can add to logcfg to adj time +5 or 

Tnx. de Barry/K8BK
Barry Martz K8BK  (ex.KI8W)
Traverse City MI 
BAY AREA DXERS Packetcluster System

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