[TRLog] Question regarding foot switch and Paddle input

Tom Schaefer TomSh@firsthealth.com
Mon, 02 Jun 1997 17:12:35 -0700

Before I blew up any computer ports, I wanted to verify something. I
have already built the cable for the CW keying (works great!), but I now
need to create a paddle input since one of the Field Day radios
(TS450SAT) does not have a keyer (as hard as that is to believe in this
day and age). I am looking at the information in the TR appendix B, but
something is unclear. I understand that the pullup resistor goes between
pin 14 and the respective paddle port (12 for Dit and 13 for Dah), but
does the actual wire from my paddle goes to each port in parallel?

If I can draw this properly, would it be:

Pin 12 (Dit)  >>------/\/\/\/\/--------<<Pin 14 (+5 volts)
                        |-------------------Dit side of actual paddle

Pin 13 (Dah)  >>------/\/\/\/\/--------<<Pin 14 (+5 volts)
                        |-------------------Dah side of actual paddle

Pin 25 (Ground)>>-----------------Ground of paddle

I am going to make a small box to bring all the wires into and place all the
jacks for the footswitch, paddle, band output, etc. Any help would be


Tom Schaefer NY4I

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