[TRLog] new master.dta ready (fwd)

george fremin iii geoiii@bga.com
Tue, 3 Jun 1997 09:10:24 -0500 (CDT)

This *.DTA file can be made into or added to your TRMASTER.DTA
file for use in VHF contests. 

Thanks - and see you on 6m.

George K5TR

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>The new MASTER.DTA file for VHF for use with CT8 and CT9 is ready and available
>to the public.  It can be found:
>  Online at http://www.connix.com/~wz1v/ctmaster.zip
> or http://www.qsl.net/vhfnews/ctmaster.zip
> also ftp://qsl.net/pub/vhfnews/ctmaster.zip
> It will be posted to the CT BBS as soon as I can get the file to KC1XX.
>Input was 66 BIN files from VHF contests over the period 1995 through May 1997
>as well as QST results from the same period.  The criterion for callsigns 
>making the DTA file was 5 or more appearances.  The DTA file contains 
>about 1800 "good" callsigns of VHF contesters.
>Thanks to AA9D, K9PW, W2SZ, K0GU, WA5IYX, WB1FLD, K1AE, K2TVI, KD1DU, K3MM,
>W4IY, N5BA, WD3R, WS3E, WZ1V, K3MQH, N4UK & K1TR for their bin files.
>73 and see you in the June VHF contest from FN44!
>Ed, K1TR
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