[TRLog] Hangups

Larry Tyree n6tr@teleport.com
Wed, 28 May 1997 11:19:41 -0700 (PDT)

George and I have both been pounding on the program trying to get
it to hang up as a couple people experienced over the weekend.

So far, we don't have anything to show for our efforts.  I am still
interested in hearing more from the people that had problems so I
can reproduce the failures and fix them.  

Version 6.02 had some positive results.  VR2BG had a Compaq which
had two serial ports not recognized by the BIOS at power up.  They
now work with TR.  Also, K3WW has found the new version works with
his FRC Icom interface which draws power from the DTR signal on 
the serial port.  JA1SJV had a similar problem as VR2BG with COM2 -
and it is working better now (only in one direction where both work
on COM1 - we are still working that issue).

The ANTA cut QSO feature has been implemented so you can just enter
the letters.  This will work for the RST AND QSO NUMBER exchange 
only.  The other exchanges have entries like QTHs which prevent me
from performming the operation to any non-numeric characters.

The ability to send cut integers in the serial numbers has been in
the program for years - along with leading zeros.

It looks like our man in Austin survived the recent tornados in
Central Texas, although I know he lost power for some time.  

Next release as soon as we understand the hang up issue and have
made any changes to eliminate them.  

73 Tree N6TR

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