[TRLog] TR sending extra CW

D. R. Evans N7DR@sff.net
Mon, 3 Nov 1997 08:13:58 -0700

I thought the reflector would be inundated with complaints about this, 
but I guess it was only me. Did anyone else see anything like this???

I got in in SS very briefly on Sunday afternoon, having expected not to 
be home from a road trip in time to participate at all.

I simply grabbed last year's LOGCFG.DAT, changed callsign from NQ0I to 
N7DR, then mashed in on 20 calling CQ (NOT using the patented K3ZO 
method of determining if the frequency was clear).

On about the third QSO, as soon as I started entering data in the 
exchange window, TR started sending CW. I banged escape, but of course by 
then the other guy had sent his number and prec, so I had to ask for a 

I assumed I had just done something stupid, but then it happened again a 
few QSOs later. I started trying to hit Alt-K after sending my exchange, 
and the rehitting it when I logged the QSO, but I quickly discovered that 
that was too much work for my tired brain after driving most of the day.

I fumbled my way to 100 Qs, but it was not a whole lot of fun since I 
never knew when TR was suddenly going to start sending CW as soon as I 
began to log the other station's info. I never saw any kind of a pattern, 
but it happened about 10% of the time, I'm guessing.

After Q number 100 I turned off in disgust (and probably disgusting the 
stations who were calling me as well).

If no one else saw anything like this, I'll forward my LOGCFG.DAT file to 
Tree to see if he can duplicate the problem. The same LOGCFG.DAT file 
worked perfectly last year.

Incidentally I'm running one of the recent versions, about 6.12 I think.

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