[TRLog] Hysteresis in frequency control and slow response to radio poll

Gilbert Baron gbaron@sparc.isl.net
Tue, 04 Nov 1997 01:43:08 GMT

I have seen no answers to the problems in the subject. I am not the
only one that has seen these. At least two other people have sent me
email that confirms the hysteresis in frequency control with the shift
keys in S&P mode.
Did this happen in earlier version too? 
How many others using Kenwood Radios and especially the TS870
experience the problem that a change in frequency or band is not
sensed for at least 15 seconds in most cases. The radio can do it. All
changes are sensed in less than one second with LOG-EQF and the
Kenwood RCP programs.
I am using the exact interface recommended. That is only RXD TXD and
GND are connected between the radio and the computer. The CTS to RTS
is jumpered at the radio. The other two data lines are used as
specified for PTT (not in use at this time) and CW keying. 
Still no joy!
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