[TRLog] RAT (tm) meter

John Brosnahan broz@csn.net
Wed, 5 Nov 1997 11:19:17 -0700 (MST)

>The rate display in TR has always been something of a mystery to me --
>after I've worked 5 stations in two minutes, I look and it says "48" QPH
>(or something); then a few minutes later, when I haven't had a QSO in two
>minutes, it spikes to 90 or so...  I'm just curious -- how long ago is it
>sampling, and over how many QSOs is the rate integrated?

We TOTALLY agree!  Steve, K9AN, and I could make no sense of
the rate meter info.  There seemed to be no correlation with what 
had been happening (both short term and long term) and the reading
on the meter.

Ideal solution.  Design a new measure of performance and call it the  
"RAT meter (tm)"  which will be a rate smoothing filter and make
two filters available--one for a short time period and one for a long
time period where the time periods are settable by the operator.

Probably most people would use something like CT with a 10 min 
filter and a 1 hour filter, but it would be nice to have these adjustable.
But the most important thing is to have the "RAT meter (tm)" do 
something, ANYTHING, that makes sense.

The most important thing for the "RAT meter (tm)" to do is to act as a
"carrot" for the operator urging him on to keep pushing it up higher.
When it doesn't seem to correlate with what has been happening it
can get discouraging!


John  W0UN

"RAT meter (tm)" is the trademark of W0UN and can only be used 
after your people and my people get together over expensive lunches
and discuss esoteric legal issues that will become just another "brick in
the wall" of the collapse of society from legalese and bogus self-importance.

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