[TRLog] Queries from SS

Tree N6TR n6tr@teleport.com
Wed, 5 Nov 1997 10:26:33 -0800 (PST)

> I used the W/VE only TRMaster.dta file from AD1C, and though I had the
> CTL-J option set to display check and section, neither showed up, though
> many/most of the calls I worked were in the SCP database.  Did anyone else
> have it work properly using that database?

This database does not have anything but the callsigns in it.

> The rate display in TR has always been something of a mystery to me --
> after I've worked 5 stations in two minutes, I look and it says "48" QPH
> (or something); then a few minutes later, when I haven't had a QSO in two
> minutes, it spikes to 90 or so...  I'm just curious -- how long ago is it
> sampling, and over how many QSOs is the rate integrated?

It takes the total number of QSOs in the last 10 minutes and 
multiplies it by 6.  Actually, there is a bug that I just found
but I am not sure it made much difference.  It is now cleaned up
and a new option has been created to show you your rate over the 
last hour (i.e., number of QSOs in the last 60 minutes) in addition
to the current 10 minute window display.


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