[TRLog] How Sweep it is!

CPreddy@aol.com CPreddy@aol.com
Wed, 5 Nov 1997 21:20:21 -0500 (EST)

Well, that was fun! After 28 years I finally got my first Clean Sweep. A good
share of the credit goes to TR (and his Bizarro twin RAT) for developing this
excellent software. I used V6.15 still warm from unZIPping.  Most of my
problems were caused by fat fingers and an incomplete understanding of the
program's many properties and features. My new TS870 worked perfectly and the
bandmap feature is fantastic! I also experimented with the packet interface,
which worked as claimed. However I did notice one "characteristic" that may
bear scrutiny.

During S&P while waiting for station to free up I would occasionally hit
ctrl-B to see what the cluster was doing. If I failed to toggle out before
hitting F1 to call the station I was treated to a "CQ". Evidently when in
packet mode it only recognizes the CQ F-key definitions. 

I was having reasonable success when suddenly no one I called would respond.
After a nasty flashback to last year when my old vertical shorted out three
hours into the test, I glanced at the radio, only to discover that it had
gone into split mode. I don't think I touched its RX/TX buttons (but with fat
fingers you never know). Is there some key combination that triggers this?
Also, how do you activate RIT? The manual is not clear on this point.

Thanks for the great ride and all 563 Q's. 
De Carl, KU2N . .

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