[TRLog] Questions and possible bug

george fremin iii geoiii@bga.com
Sun, 9 Nov 1997 23:25:35 -0600 (CST)

Mike Fatchett writes:
>Is there any easy way to load a different config file for each operator? I thought I recalled reading a way to do this but can't find any info on it.  What I want to load would be specific color preferences and specifying DVK3 and DVK4 for the CQ messages.

Yes - it was added in version 6.10 - use control-V to run 
the config file.  Also some of the DVP changes in 
6.15 look like they might be useful as well.
Look in the readme files.

>Question 2
>Does running a dot matrix printer slow down the program?  Can you specify which port to print on?

I don't see a way to change the port. Yet.

>Question 3
>Is there an easy way to view the entire log during the contest.  In a multi op situation it would be nice to gaze at the log to make some great strategic plans!



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