[TRLog] Re: Logged frequency anomaly

Richard Ferch ferch@storm.ca
Sun, 16 Nov 1997 20:58:45 -0800

n4si@pobox.com said:

>While SSing, on two occassions when I logged the QSO, the frequency
>in the log showed a negative value. (I have FREQUENCY LOG ENABLE =

The same thing happened to me a few times in the CW SS (maybe 1% of the 
time? I don't know for sure because I fixed the log on the fly). Unlike 
Rod, I didn't pick up on any correlation with anything else when it 
happened (which does not mean there wasn't one, I just didn't spot it). 

I had been thinking my homebrew computer-radio interface might have 
been at fault, but I guess not now that I'm not the only one it happened 
to. Instead of logging .038 when the frequency was 14.038, it would 
occasionally log .-14000, and so on. My radio is a Kenwood, and my
interface implements the CTS/RTS lines. I use the parallel port for CW 
keying, but don't have PTT, a paddle, or anything else interfaced to 
TRlog (to be precise, I have a TNC for RTTY on the other serial port, 
but TRlog doesn't know it exists). I run TRlog directly from DOS 6.2.

>Both occassions came in conjuction with a corrected exchange entry.
>The first one I didn't get the particulars, but the second one I had
>entered K5NDX in the call window, and then 77 MS 299B K5MDX
>(corrected call). The QSO was logged correctly except in the
>frequency (serial # sent column) column was .-7000
>Easy to correct in the log, just letting you know. I had many
>other corrected exchange entries that all worked just fine. In fact I
>was playing with it a lot to see what it would do. A really amazing
>feature. I was able to correct calls, sections, checks, numbers
>routinely. I was even able to put a call in the exchange window and
>log the QSO correctly with no call in the call window!
>A really well done routine, Larry.
>I love this software.
>73, Rod N4SI
>    The DXer formerly known as N9AKE
>         (c) 5 November, 1996

I'll second that!

73, Rich  VE3IAY

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