[TRLog] VR97BG problems

Tree N6TR n6tr@teleport.com
Tue, 2 Sep 1997 07:03:11 -0700 (PDT)

> - At one point over the weekend, during which I repeatedly quit & restarted
> TR, it would lock up if I tried to log another contact (type in a call, hit
> enter & the cursor would move up to the partial call window & the only way
> out was power cycling).  I then restarted TR, quit but told it the contest
> was over, started TR again & I could then log the contact.  This was in
> General QSO mode, ~1000 QSOs, without changing anything other than using
> the new release.  I am using a ~7 MB TRMASTER.DTA file, which does slow
> this old Compaq 386 down something awful, but never have I had TR lock up
> like this.  Anybody see anything along these lines?

Will look for something - no ideas yet.

> - Having quit & restarted TR a few times over the weekend, I was looking
> forward to seeing BANDMAP.BIN do it's thing, but it didn't.  Despite
> bandmap data being written to the file, the bandmap would not reappear
> after restarting.  Again, this was in General QSO mode.  I tried a few
> times with other contest types, loading the bandmap with bogus calls, but
> all behaved the same.  Am I alone here?  I would've imagined if somebody
> else observed the same thing, it would've been posted here by now.

Ooops - I fixed one bug just before the release, but forgot to turn
something else back on...  fixed for version 6.11 (probably coming in
a week).


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