[TRLog] basic questions from non power user

Joe softcom@voyager.net
Tue, 02 Sep 1997 19:57:09 -0400

I hope to use a 386 laptop in the NA sprint next weekend and a would
like some advice on how to speed the computer up if possible. I borrowed
this machine from work before but it seems slower now (someone changed
something). Disk access seems to be slower and when I hit the escape
command it sometimes takes longer to respond. Is there some command(s) I
can add to or delete from the setup file(s) (autoexec.bat etc) ?

I am using version 5.87 - but I have all the other versions as received
but unzipped; would there be any advantage in the sprint to using a
later version ? Also, I sometimes get a message that flashes on during
each QSO that says there is some kind of problem with my initial
exchange "something" - cant read it - it flashes on and off too fast. 

One more thing, I was testing the machine out on an earlier sprint file
and the screen now looks completely different - the characters are much
smaller, there is more information including a list of calls worked - I
dont know how this changed but I would like to control this myself.

Yes - I read the whole manual (but probly too quickly).

73 Joe N8EA

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