[TRLog] Unlisted Contests/Labor Day QRP Sprint

Ken Keeler kenkeeler@jazznut.com
Wed, 03 Sep 1997 01:51:29 -0700

To: AE0Q, K8CV,NQ7X, VR97BG, K3SV, K5TR, KB3A, and others interested:

Thanks all for your suggestions on my request for guidance on setting up
for the QRP Sprint on Monday.  NQ7X's suggestion was close to what I
actually used: General Qso, CQ 160 scoring, etc.  I tried to start with a
listed contest (per K5TR) using the CQ 160 contest mode since it allowed
QSOs with W/VE AND ARRL DXCC.  But the program would not allow multiple
band QSOs/mults even after the appropriate toggles in CTRL-J.  K3SV
suggests that the program will do most of what we want, IF we knew more
about it.  My manual is more than a year old - must download the latest or
next revision.

Maybe a future change to the program to allow more universal changes to an
existing contest, or a UNIVERSAL CONTEST STARTING POINT would be useful.
Put it way down the wish list, Tree.  But if you do this, allow at least
six allowed elements in the RECEIVED EXCHANGE: rst, #, Name, QTH (dom, DX,
grid), power, member #, other random info - and in any order. (It's obvious
I don't know a thing about the architecture of this program)

The exercise in setting up and using TRlog in a real event was an
invaluable aid in getting me ready to do the real Sprint on Saturday.  I'll
probably make the top 100 this time!  This program is now the best
contesting SW around and is being improved almost as often as we users
gripe about it!  

Sorry for boring (not the club) any power users reading this, but we new
guys are also USERS.  Technology is the only hope for aging contesters!
73, N6RO

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