[TRLog] Tuning up

Jeff Tucker jefft@wciatl.com
Wed, 17 Sep 1997 20:40:43

>> >Use Control-Shift on the left side of the keyboard.
>> >I think this only works in CW mode.
>> >Maybe it should work on both modes?
>> Would be nice.  Though you'd need to switch the *radio* to CW mode before it
>> would accomplish anything.

>Of course, Tree could easily have the program change the rig to CW
>and back if the mode was SSB when hitting this key combo....right

I'd like to add one other little test. If you're in S+P mode on 20m, the
program will QSY the radio to 14.230 before tuning and back to your
S+P freq. when you're done.

I'm not kidding.

Jeff N9HZQ

Jeff Tucker, N9HZQ
Williams Consulting, Inc.

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