[TRLog] TR es Windows NT/Boot in DOS

Daniel R. Violette drviolette@anet.bna.boeing.com
Wed, 17 Sep 97 13:12:23 PST

     #1 I need to stop playing with TR on other machines.  Had some 
     lunchtime to play.
     #2 I don't plan on contesting with an NT machine, but maybe Win 95 
     users can help.  I am still on Win 3.1 at home on the 486.  So the 
     answer to this problem is not worth much time, only if you know the 
     answer off the top of your head.
     When booting up the NT machine into DOS (6.22 on the machine) and 
     running TR from a contest subdirectory, it runs TR fine but dumps out 
     when the LOGCFG.DAT can't find my custom add on (KI6X.CFG) in the 
     INPUT CONFIG FILE = statement.  Says can't find file.  Path to LOG is 
     in AUTOEXEC.BAT (finds TR.EXE fine), and I have the complete path 
     spelled out in the statement (tried it just with the filename).  Works 
     fine on my home machine that way.  Launches fine from an NT Command 
     Prompt, but being in NT the CW speed is off (slow by a few WPM) but 
     does seem to be smooth.  I only use the simulator on this machine 
     (better than Freecell/Solitare) and not sure what other problems may 
     show up running in NT.
     Thank you,
     Dan KI6X
     Still playing with the 286 problem.  I found version 5.93 works better 
     than the newer versions on a 286 (at least the one machine I have 
     tried it on).

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