[TRLog] USAF 50th Anniv. QSO Party

Ken Keeler kenkeeler@jazznut.com
Thu, 18 Sep 1997 22:23:12 -0700

Here's a challenge for anyone, particularly USAF alumni, to configure TRlog
for the QSO Party tomorrow.  Any ideas George, or anyone?

The contest announcement is on p. 105, Sept. QST, starts tomorrow at 00Z,
9/20.  There are no geographic multipliers, and QSO points are the value of
the identifier received from each station worked.  This identifier is the
number of years ago that one signed on with the USAF, founded in 1947.
(First contest in history that rewards longevity!)  Non AF alumni send AF1.
 Old farts like me sent AF35 (1997-1962)

As discussed about a month ago, it is usually best to start with a contest
that TR is set up for and modify from there.  Looks like there ain't no
such, but All Asia, whose EXCHANGE =  RST AGE could be used, then enter
statements in the logcfg.dat to configure for both modes each band, MULTS =
NONE, etc.  I see no way to handle the QSO point thing until using POST to
enter QSO points, assuming the program will total them.  

This is a one time event, no big deal, but still I plan to use TR to log
it.  I'll be working on trying my ideas from 21Z on 9/19, and will post my
findings if anyone is interested, or look for recommendations from the
gurus at 23Z.  Thanks, Ken.

Ken Keeler    N6RO
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