[TRLog] DVK-100 & IC-765

William Liporace kb2hun@wizvax.net
Fri, 19 Sep 1997 21:37:43 -0400 (EDT)

I hope I can keep this short & to the point.  I am having trouble with
interfacing  the DVK-100 & an IC-765.  Last year I asked how & I got all
sorts of suggestions (I think I tried all).
The DVK works fine with my TS-930 but sends my 765 into TX very quickly.
Last year I thought it was the power cube (I was wrong). I thought it was
the pin out (NO).  
I almost always use VOX, so I only need pins 1 & 2 from the DVK.  On both
radios, pins 1 & 7 are Audio & Ground.  
I would ideally like to be able to switch between radios with out a lot of
hassles.. If anyone has tried this & knows how to fix these problems, I
would love to hear the solution!!
I also have one of the early DVK's \, anyone do the mod for computer
control? Worth it?  Or is it easier to buy trhe W9XT or the K1EA DVP
TNX for all of the help es 73 Will

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