[TRLog] TRlog 6.24 problems

D&S (Sandy & Dave) pricedav@bolus.health.ufl.edu
Wed, 1 Apr 1998 13:33:06 GMT -0400

Hi, this David, ke4zqz, just got ver 6.24 for the WPX, overall it 
worked pretty good, but I ran into a few quirks, using 5x86 133  
20meg win95 under dos window

  1.   Inconstant last worked dupe screen

  2.   Inconsistent partial dupe display

  3.   I not sure abt this one, but if you edit a Qso, on the last 5 
        work screen, I am not sure it it saves the edit, or updates
        everything that needes it. This may cause items  1&2

   4.  Some instability at times of the program, the cursor would move
        around a bit to different locations on the screen, sometimes 
        it would settle down or I would close the  program and 
        restart, but it never crashed.

    5.  The country display window would be only partially displayed
         at times, this was associated with ether pressing the escape
         or space bar if a dupe, forget which one 

     6.  Mult window not always correct for none USA counties, IE, 
          you key  in a prefix is sayes you need it, but you hit RTN
          and  it shows a dupe, probaly related to item 1&2.

      7. Runtime error during post, wondering if this is because of 
          the space left by a delete last qso cmd

Regards David Price, Ke4zqz

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