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Thomas M. Schaefer toms@inconnect.com
Wed, 1 Apr 1998 11:57:10 -0700

I am sure this has been mulled over long ago, but I was wondering if there
is any real value to be able to tell someone when the last QSO was in case
of a dupe. A few times, I worked someone and I told them they were a dupe,
and they asked when we worked. Now, I told them that I did not know, but I
went ahead and worked them anyway. I put their "4" call as a portable 4, so
I could log the dupe. Is there any real value in being able to give this
duplicate information. If TR does not do it, there must be a good reason for
it. I suspect it is not worth the time it would take for the potential
benefit. Of course, it would be a bit hard without using some sort of
separate binary file with calls, bands, time, date information so the
information could be found quickly.

Now for the question, if the option to not allow dupes is on, how do I log a
dupe in case of an exception? I do not want to turn the Log Dupes feature on
for the entire contest.

Best Regards,

Tom NY4I
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