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george fremin iii geoiii@bga.com
Wed, 1 Apr 1998 13:06:08 -0600 (CST)

Thomas M. Schaefer writes:
>and they asked when we worked. Now, I told them that I did not know, but I
>went ahead and worked them anyway. I put their "4" call as a portable 4, so
>I could log the dupe. Is there any real value in being able to give this
>duplicate information. If TR does not do it, there must be a good reason for
>it. I suspect it is not worth the time it would take for the potential
>benefit. Of course, it would be a bit hard without using some sort of
>separate binary file with calls, bands, time, date information so the
>information could be found quickly.

TR-Log already has this feature.  I find it useful in the sweepstakes.
The sweepstakes is the only contest where I tell the other station 
calling in he is a dupe.


>Now for the question, if the option to not allow dupes is on, how do I log a
>dupe in case of an exception? I do not want to turn the Log Dupes feature on
>for the entire contest.

There are several ways but the easy way is to enter the call in the 
call field and then hit the tab key to get to the excahge field and 
then just log him from there in S&P mode.

>Get your joystick yet?

Of course, we had to beta test them in the WPX.
I sure I am sore from te slow rates on sunday.


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