[TRLog] Runtime Error

Allen Turner Butchie_T@compuserve.com
Sat, 11 Apr 1998 23:46:18 -0400


 I am using a 300 MHZ PII Computer with 128 Meg of ram. Everytime I run
"Post" I receive a "RUNTIME ERROR 200 @ 17AF:0091"
 I currently have 6.24 installed. This happens under a DOS Shell via WIN95
OSR 2.1 and also when booting directly to the DOS prompt.

 My computer systems is configured for removable hard drives. I have a
seperate hard drive running DOS 6.22 and receive the same runtime error on
that as well.  However, the memory location is 1739:0091. 

On my 486, I have no problem running post and having it work correctly. 

 Any help is greatly appreciated.

 Allen (Butch) Turner - KA0WWT

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